Schueller, Helmut - Notes from a Country Parish

ca. 208 pages, 16,5 x 23,5 cm ISBN: 978-3-902494-24-5 Price: ca. 22,50,-/SFR 39,00

The author of this book, Father Helmut Schueller, is currently pastor of a village church near Vienna. He writes about his thirty years of varied pastoral work, where he, among other things was a teacher in schools, was pastor of the diocesan youth, a director of Catholic Charities (Caritas), vicar general for the diocese and a chaplain in a hospital and a nursing home. His ?notes? are a vivid diary, revealing the day-to-day activities, difficulties and successes of a country priest. They are notes about help and about consolation ? the diary of a modern priest in a modern world.

Schüller, Helmut

Schüller, Helmut

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