Schreier, Peter - Looking Back

Memories and Reflections Hardback, 240 pages, 30 ill., 16 x 23 cm ISBN: 3-902494-04-2 Price: ? 29,00 / SFR 49,60

The rich life of an artist: A choirboy?s way to becoming a celebrated singer and conductor Peter Schreier, former member of the "Dresdner Kreuzchor" and son of a cantor in Saxony, has ranked for decades among the internationally most popular lyrical tenors. From Dresden to Berlin and Vienna: Schreier?s life and musical career led the singer to almost every capital of music in Europe and beyond. Schreier worked with such extraordinary conductors as Karl Böhm, Herbert von Karajan and Wolfgang Sawallisch, and still counts as an important authority on the interpretation of the music of the baroque and classical periods. Today Schreier concentrates on the arrangement of lieder (Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms) and on his work as conductor of baroque cantatas and oratorios. This book, co-written with the Berlin journalist Manfred Meier, in honour of Schreier?s 70th birthday, not only recalls the remarkable stages of the singer?s career, but also presents Schreier?s views on the future of the opera, technology in the service of the arts and the significance of reviews.

Schreier, Peter

Schreier, Peter

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