Pisa, Karl - 1945: The Birth of the Future

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60 years of the Second Republic: Experiences of a contemporary witness from the corridors of power The journalist, Karl Pisa, has often had the opportunity to survey the political events of the past 60 years from within the innermost structures of power. As press officer of the People?s Party (ÖVP) and ghost-writer, Pisa got closely acquainted with Figl, Raab, Gorbach and Klaus, the four Austrian Chancellors of The Second Republic. He consequently had access to insider-knowledge of decision-making processes as well as first-hand experience of political crises. This makes him into a well-informed and critical contemporary witness. In his book, Prof. Karl Pisa recalls a period of history that was marked by the transition from war to peace. The author commences with the year 1945, the dawn of a new era not only for him but for millions of others, and offers analyses of the following political systems: the development of the grand coalition from a cooperation unified by the common demands of the post-war period and the tug-of-war with the occupying forces into the difficult working relationship following the state treaty. The author also presents an inside view of the first government led by Schüssel and the conservative Party, which forced the opposition into a process of critical self-reflection. In conclusion the author raises the question of how modern democracies can be governed in times of weak economic growth.

Pisa, Karl

Pisa, Karl

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