Meier, Manfred - A Lifetime in Germany

Paperback, 208 pages, 165 x 235 mm ISBN: 3-902494-11-5 Price: ? 22,50

Born in Berlin, the journalist Manfred Meier looks back on nearly six decades of his life under two dictatorships. He recalls the years of the Nazi regime with the War and the persecution of Jews. He experienced the flight from the battle of Berlin and his return to the German zone under Soviet occupation. Step by step he observes the emergence of the next dictatorship: the German Democratic Republic ("DDR") with all its political constraints. As feuilleton editor, he gains deep insights into the mechanisms of manipulated opinions and processes in the field of the arts, the strained relationship between the life of the spirit and the powers that be. In Meier?s book, history is blended with biography; historical processes become visible through various episodes and encounters. The book is conceived as an answer to questions the third generation might raise. However, it is more than just a private report: It invites the reader to reminisce and discover.

Meier, Manfred

Meier, Manfred

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