Karner, Doris A. - Laughter Among Tears

Jewish Theatre in East Galicia and the Bucovina Broschur, 186 pages, 10 ill. Format: 16 x 23 cm ISBN: 3-902494-06-9 Price: ? 25,00 / SFR 43,00

New aspects of the complex history of Jewish theatre "Here, before your very eyes, in three short hours, people, the whole world, an entire life, are transformed", writes an actor after a visit to the Jewish Theatre in Lemberg. Although religious in origin, Jewish Theatre at the end of the 19th century became an independent undertaking that aimed at taking people?s minds off their daily worries. Later, the theatre?s role shifted from pure entertainment to being an important factor in the development of a new Jewish identity. Against the backdrop of increasing anti-Semitism, Jewish Theatre experienced enormous artistic growth. The book describes famous theatre places in Lemberg and Czernowitz with their numerous ensembles, guest performances, plays, actors and directors. Historical press comments bring back the atmosphere of the times and demonstrate the reciprocity of political and cultural development.

Karner, Doris A.

Karner, Doris A.

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